Iron & Sulfur Removal

     If you have stains in your sinks and on bathroom fixtures, if you have the smell of rotten eggs then you probably have iron and/or sulfur in your water. There are several ways to remove iron and sulfur from problem water.

The best way to remove sulfur from problem water is to install a storage tank. This is the most expensive solution up front but is the most maintenance free system over time. Hydrogen Sulfide (sulfur smell) can be oxidized as it enters the storage tank with our air venturi system. After that you are left with odor free water and less iron that can be flushed out periodically from the tank.

     The first and least expensive method is to use an injection pump to inject chlorine into your incoming water supply. This method will remove the rotten egg sulfur smell from your water. A carbon filter can be put inline at the house to remove the chlorine and residual tastes. Unfortunately this will not remove iron in great quantities.

       The second method is the latest technology in iron and sulfur removal for households called the Ironbreaker III. It is a chemical free filtration system that utilizes your well pressure to create a bubble of compressed air inside the media tank that oxidizes the iron and sulfur. The particles are then trapped by the catalytic filter media as the bubble of air is consumed by the passing water. When the unit regenerates it backwashes the trapped iron and sulfur particles out of the unit and then replenishes the air bubble inside the unit and returns to service. This system eliminates the use of chemicals and maintenance for the homeowner. 

      The third method for removing iron and sulfur from water consists of an aeration/chlorination setup utilizing a retention tank or storage tank. The water is treated and then allowed contact time inside a tank before it is passed through a filter to remove the oxidized particles and chlorine. This setup can be advantageous when bacteria is present and sanitation of water is required. Contact Us for more information.