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We strive to keep our softeners lower than our competitors and our service way above.

  Softener Sizing Varies Based on Water Hardness
  30,000 Grain - 1 Cubic Foot Water Softener 1-4 People
  45,000 Grain - 1.5 Cubic Foot Water Softener 1-6 People
  60,000 Grain - 2 Cubic Foot Water Softener 1-8 People
  120,000 Grain - Twin 1.5 - 2 Cubic Foot Water Softener well water/large homes

Softener Installations Include a full 5 Year Warranty - Parts and Labor

Homes that are not pre-plumbed for a water softener can also be adapted. Costs usually range between $800 and $1900 depending on the water line location and the amount of trenching needed. A free on site evaluation would be required before determining a final estimate. Well water applications vary based on hardness of water and require a free water analysis.

Ask about our Senior Citizen/Military discounts and a discount on a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system with purchase of a water softener.

 Protect your water heater, dishwasher, faucets, shower valves, washing machine, ice maker and all other appliances from failure due to hard mineral buildup. Use less soap in all applications and increase cleaning efficiency. Feel the difference in the bath, shower and laundry. See the difference on glassware and appliances.

A softener from Newman Water Services meters the amount of water used in your home or business and only regenerates when needed so you don't waste salt like many other models. Our systems have been around for 40+ years and will last a lifetime. Why waste your money on a disposable unit from a box store or a proprietary big name company?

 If you aren't using salt with a softener then you aren't performing an ion exchange. A water conditioner is maintenance free because it does not alter the mineral content of water. If the hard minerals (calcium & magnesium) are not being removed then the water is not becoming "soft".   For those that are concerned about loosing beneficial minerals the mineral content of ingested water is negligible compared to the amount found in food. A glass of milk is equal to a bathtub full of water. 

As for electricity, our softeners consume about the same amount of electricity as a bedside alarm clock does. Our softeners are equipped with a digital or mechanical readout telling you how much water has been used and how much soft water is left before the unit regenerates. Our water softeners are also potassium compatible for those who prefer a non sodium setup.

Newman Water Services provides only industry proven equipment at every one of our installations. Our water softener systems are not proprietary in design which means you aren't stuck with one company when it comes to parts and service down the road. Our systems can be serviced by most professionals and parts are readily available which, in turn, saves our customers money.

Newman Water Services provides complete installation and service of your Water Softening system. Contact Us for a free estimate of your specific application & sizing requirement.



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